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Just like everything in life, when you take good care of something, it's more lilkely to last.  Remember how you didn't want Crazy Aunt Sheila to pick you up after school?  Her car was always full of trash, it smelled like rotten eggs, and the engine light never went off.  Don't be Aunt Sheila - take care of your board!


Maderas Bellas Board Conditioner is an all natural, food safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax, meant to be rubbed onto your board when you see dry spots.  This protects your board from liquids, and moisturizes and revitalizes the wood fibers.  We pack our tins full, so you get 2 ounces, net weight of conditioner.  The Kit comes with an applicator.   Approximately 20 applications per tin.

Board Conditioner Kit

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