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For the ultimate food preparation experience, nothing beats a Maderas Bellas End Grain Cutting Board.  End grain boards are both attractive and easy on your knives. Think about when you see a cross-section of a tree, with all the growth rings - that's the end grain. The surface is sturdy and very fibrous, so a your knife’s edge is likely to sink into the wood fibers while you are cutting.  This means there are less "cut" marks on the top of the board, because the fibers almost self heal.  It's the Wolverine of construction board methods!   




Our 3-D End grain cutting board uses a combination of Walnut, Cherry, and Maple hardwoods.  Each section is handcrafted and set together, until an illusionary pattern emerges.

Wood swells and shrinks with its environment; we take that into consideration as we build our boards. We are careful to place the grain of the individual blocks in a way that they lean into each other, and stay tightly in place.  We build our boards to last a life time, but you have to do your part as well, by keeping liquids away from your board, and oiling it when it looks dry.  Follow the directions on our board care page, to know how to care for your board.


3-D End Grain Cutting Board

  • Our cutting boards are all natural, and 100% food safe. We never use any dye or stain.  The colors you see are inherit to the specific wood.  There are slight variations board to board, because, you know, they’re made of wood, and that’s how nature works.  We feel these add to the character of the wood, and should in no way be considered flaws.  We sand our boards to 400 grit, then, with the care you’d give your 3-month-old, gently bathe them in food grade mineral oil.   This soaks in, and protects the wood grain, as well as brings out the natural beauty and sheen of the hardwoods we hand selected to go into your board.  We finish by buffing on a layer of beeswax and mineral oil, to give the wood extra protection from moisture; because as we all know, moisture is the mortal enemy of wood.  Like Kryptonite to Superman, fighting it out on your kitchen counter.


    Care of your cutting board:  Wash your board gently by hand, with mild soap and warm water.  Your board is NOT dishwasher safe!!!  We strongly recommend applying our board butter to the surface of your board every month, or as needed, depending on usage, to maintain its protective layer and sheen. If it looks dry, butter it up!

    All our products are handmade in our shop in Irving, Texas.  Maderas Bellas is a Veteran-owned business.

  • Thanks for buying our stuff.

    We are pretty proud of it, and do our best to insure you will be happy with what you ordered. To keep our overhead down, we do not accept returns.

    If there was a production problem with the item, please notify us within 3 days of receiving your item, to discuss correction options. If we request that you return your item to be reworked, please send it back to us in the same box. You will have to pay the return shipping charges, because we already sent it to you free once, wood is heavy, and we are not made of money. ;)

    CUSTOM ORDERS: We don’t accept cancellations, and cannot give refunds on items we’ve made specifically for you.

    PERSONALIZATION: If we’ve engraved what you wanted on a board, we cannot give refunds or exchanges. Please, for both our sanities, check your spelling and spacing and punctuation on your personalization requests.

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