There's nothing that personalizes a home as much as, well, personalization.  It let's the whole world know, hey, this is who we are.  And our personalized, reclaimed wine barrel head makes a bold and beautiful statement, for all the world to see.  It's almost 2 feet wide, so you can't miss it!  It makes a really thoughtful gift, especially for a wedding or for a new homeowner.  


Oak Wine Barrel head.  Hook on back, to hang it.  Personalized with your choice of our standard engraving options.  Or hit us up with your logo.  We can engrave just about anything, just please ask us and send a file of what you want BEFORE you order, so we can confirm it's something we can do.


NOTE: Each barrel head is unique and different.  We like to preserve the originality of the barrel head as much as possible, and don't consider variations in the wood imperfections.  We keep any gaps in the slats, and because wood expands and contracts due to it's environment, you may see some minor shifting and spacing over time. Cracking in the seams may occur.  The wine stain is the only stain you'll see, and may be uneven; that's part of it's charm.  Please  ask us any questions you may have, BEFORE  ordering. We cannot refund personalized products.

Personalized Wine Barrel Lid

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