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Our rustic Wine Barrel Centerpiece doubles as a gorgeous charcuterie board for entertaining and presentation.   It's so versatile!  It's food safe finish means you can present food on it.  But you can also decorate it for the holidays, or use it to display candles or lay out Halloween candy.  The list is only limited by your imagination! 


We handmake our board from oak wine barrel staves, recycled into a new life as a rustic yet elegant centerpiece for your dining table or island.  The beautiful patina of the wood lends a richness to any dining area, that you just can't get from man-made products.  The red wine naturally soaks into the oak over time, and you will see that "seepage" on the side of the board.  It's uneveness should in no way be considered a flaw.  As each barrel is unique, no stave is the same; each piece shows the wear of it's previous life, and has slight variations in color, grain & dimensions.


Measures 36"L  x 8" W x  2 1/2" H.  Oak wine barrel stave, handcrafted in Texas, finished with food safe cutting board conditioner. ( A mixture of 100% mineral oil and pure beeswax.) We add an oak base to the center bottom for stability, with a layer of felt to protect your tabletop.


Wine Barrel Centerpiece

  • Thanks for buying our stuff.

    We are pretty proud of it, and do our best to insure you will be happy with what you ordered. To keep our overhead down, we do not accept returns.

    If there was a production problem with the item, please notify us within 3 days of receiving your item, to discuss correction options. If we request that you return your item to be reworked, please send it back to us in the same box. You will have to pay the return shipping charges, because we already sent it to you free once, wood is heavy, and we are not made of money. ;)

    CUSTOM ORDERS: We don’t accept cancellations, and cannot give refunds on items we’ve made specifically for you.

    PERSONALIZATION: If we’ve engraved what you wanted on a board, we cannot give refunds or exchanges. Please, for both our sanities, check your spelling and spacing and punctuation on your personalization requests.

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