Art marries function, with our Living on The Edge Line of Cutting Boards.
8 distinctive patterns of Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods, in layered edge grain stripes. 
The beauty of edge grain cutting boards is they are the perfect sweet spot -  not too hard to dull your knives, and not too soft to show cut marks easily. All our boards are heirloom quality, made to last, and will quickly become the workhorse of your kitchen prep area.


Board 1
Wenge, Cherry, Purpleheart, Maple
Approx: 12" x 17"
Rubber feet on bottom of board, to keep it from moving as you cut
Finger Grooves on bottom at sides, to make it easier to pick up


Our cutting boards are all natural, and 100% food safe. We never use any dye or stain.  The colors you see are inherit to the specific wood.  There are slight variations board to board, because, you know, they’re made of wood, and that’s how nature works.  We feel these add to the character of the wood, and should in no way be considered flaws.  We sand our boards to 400 grit, then, with the care you’d give your 3-month-old, gently bathe them in food grade mineral oil.   This soaks in, and protects the wood grain, as well as brings out the natural beauty and sheen of the hardwoods we hand selected to go into your board.  We finish by buffing on a layer of beeswax and mineral oil, to give the wood extra protection from moisture; because as we all know, moisture is the mortal enemy of wood.  Like Kryptonite to Superman, fighting it out on your kitchen counter.

Wooden Cutting Board "1"

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