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Whether you're the ultimate charcuterie queen or just want to bring warmth to your countertop, our exotic wood cheese slicer has you covered! If you're still slicing your cheese with a knife, you won't believe how much easier it is to use our cheese slicer, AND for all you perfectionists out there, it gives you more consistent slices.  


Each slicer is handmade using a variety of hardwoods, such as Wenge, Maple, Padauk, and Purpleheart, and finished with a chrome handle.  What's unique about a Maderas Bellas Cheese Slicer is that it's ambidextrous!   Notice in the side view, we have 2 holes in the edge,so you can easily switch the hardware from right to left handed use. The finish is a food safe mix of mineral oil and beeswax.   Please be aware that every piece of wood is different, so the grain/color/size of the cheese slicer you receive may be slightly different from the photos here.

Size is approximately:  9 1/2" x 5 3/4" x 5/8"

Wood Cheese Slicer

  • Like our cutting boards, our cheese slicers are finished with a food-safe, natural blend of mineral oil and beeswax to protect the wood.  After each use, wipe the wood and wire with a mild soap and water, rinse, and dry completely.  Do NOT submerge in water, and never, ever, ever, ever, put it in the dishwasher.  I'm not kidding.  Just don't.

  • Thanks for buying our stuff.

    We are pretty proud of it, and do our best to insure you will be happy with what you ordered. To keep our overhead down, we do not accept returns.

    • there was a production problem with the item, please notify us within 3 days of receiving your item, to discuss correction options. If we request that you return your item to be reworked, please send it back to us in the same box. You will have to pay the return shipping charges, because we already sent it to you free once, wood is heavy, and we are not made of money. ;)

    CUSTOM ORDERS: We don’t accept cancellations, and cannot give refunds on items we’ve made specifically for you.

    PERSONALIZATION: If we’ve engraved what you wanted on a board, we cannot give refunds or exchanges. Please, for both our sanities, check your spelling and spacing and punctuation on your personalization requests.

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